• TeamTec is a leading manufacturer of incinerators  and stripping ejectors for the maritime and offshore industries worldwide. TeamTec has recently expanded its product portfolio with the highly competitive TeamTec Senza Ballast Water Management System (BWMS). Senza BWMS is based on the principle of chemical dosage and operates without filter. Senza BWMS is fully IMO and USCG approved and is now ready for strong promotion in the China market.

    TeamTec also provides LAND-BASED PRODUCT PORTFOLIO. TeamTec has started a bold innovation project aiming to create a land-based, modular containerized Waste-to-Energy (WtE) solution.

    TeamTec is a company in the IMS Group of Norway which is a leading group of manufacturers of products for the  maritime industry worldwide.

    總部位于挪威Tvedestrand 的TeamTec AS 公司,自1984 年成立發展至今,已成為生產船用焚燒爐和噴射泵的業內領導者。如今,公司產品范圍再次擴大,成功推出SENZA 壓載水管理系統。該系統采用普通化學藥劑進行處理,并且具有無需使用濾器的特點,目前我們的壓載水管理系統已取得USCG 型式認可和IMO 認可證書。


    TeamTec 公司在海事行業享譽世界,公司的銷售和售后服務網絡遍布全球,現如今公司亦是IMS 集團的一員。

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